Mobile Health Market: What’s The Future To Manage Patient’s Data?

Mobile Health Market

The mobile health market is experiencing a significant rise in a way by offering qualitative and quicker services for all. Expectations have grown and the latest hype about the market to hit about $26 billion in revenues by 2017 has made it even more open.

With the rapid expansion of mobile technology and devices, this industry has gone beyond its scope to converge with almost all the sectors for the betterment and further development. Healthcare Industry being an area where the main focus is on the expertise of the doctors and the related services of the hospitals, mobile technology has gone a step ahead in showcasing its wide extent.

Role of Mobile Technology In Healthcare
Challenges of affordability and complicacies have always been a part of health care industry which with time and the advancement of healthcare technology is trying to fill up the gap. Such changes are being supported by the increased income rates and the inclusion of mobile applications into the system to provide easier and simple access to the general mass.

Patient Portal Development across the world has begun to experience the benefits of mobile technology in the domain. Moving ahead it is the role of mobile operators, healthcare providers, device vendors and application players whose contributions are to be considered significant. The role of mobile technology plays a major part in building up a mobile health environment.

Devices such as the smart pads, prescription transmission arrangement, video information sharing through mobile networks and mobile electric charts are being introduced.

The Commercialization Phase
The exploitation of smart phone applications is beginning to enable the mobile health industry to make use of the services. The commercialization phase is geared up to witness an increase in offering solutions which will set a niche for the other domains in the industry. The various trends which will assist in shaping the mobile health apps market and Healthcare IT Outsourcing Service Provider are:

  • The more exposure and use of smart phone devices
  • Customized versions of mHealth applications specifically for smart phones or similar mobile devices
  • Native mHealth applications rather than web based
  • mHealth niche stores to lure the new generation apps
  • Commercialization phase to deal with hurdles related to missing regulations
  • The market demands will depend on the buyers and their interest
  • Conventional forms of health distribution channels to get a boost with the latest mobile based applications
  • mHealth market to target the developed countries with high smart phone utilization and high health expenditure involved
  • mHealth applications to focus on chronic diseases
  • Businesses related to mHealth will definitely expand with time

Key Areas Which Matters The Most

The importance of Mobile health will come into effect with the basic support of key factors which are interconnected and are an integral part of the industry. This will ensure the mobile health market to scale up its benefits to its potential. The major area of focus includes:

  • Government stakeholders
  • Healthcare software development in India and developing countries
  • Regulatory support
  • Physician acceptance
  • Widespread user adaptation and experience

The developments in mobile technology concerning the healthcare services are shaping up to transform the entire world into a faster, better and easier environment.

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