Don’t Do This When You Move Dynamics To Cloud


Moving to the cloud is the new trend. Many organizations are realizing the benefits that cloud offers and have been busy in planning the migration to cloud.

This blog can prevent you from falling into the honey trap that cloud companies and service vendors often lay for you. I am not saying that cloud is not good; it is good as long as you are making wise decisions. One wrong decision can cause of a lot of extra work and also increase the required investment. Here are a few things that you should not do when you are moving Dynamics to the cloud.

Don’t Underestimate the Cloud
You will come across many dynamics CRM development company and professionals who will tell you that moving Dynamics to the cloud is a cake walk. But, trust me, it is everything but not a cake walk. Either you or your vendor will have to work systematically to move Dynamics to the cloud.

It requires a great plan and effective implementation which can take a considerable time. You might be required to complete the implementation in phases so that the regular functioning of your business does not suffer.

Don’t Be Attracted to Discounts
Cloud service providers offer the so-called attractive discounts where the price seems tempting. But, when you are moving a critical aspect of your business to cloud, you would not worry about a petty discount. These discounts can often lead you to select packages that are not an ideal fit for your business.

Rather, consult with your team or professional partners before deciding on what will work well for you. You can also discuss the cloud prospect with your colleagues who have been using cloud. Most often the users are able to provide better feedback regarding the features offered by the service providers.

Don’t Hasten
This is a universal principle that would apply to almost every business initiative. Just like you would not close a deal without evaluating every aspect, don’t decide on the cloud service-provider or features in haste. It is your business and you know it very well, you can manage without cloud for a few more days if that is what is needed.

Take your time in analyzing the available choices like public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud. Decide on the licensing options, consider the time that you would be required to migrate and what alternatives would you use while the migration is in process. Also check how your existing team and their routine work will suffer.

Moving to a cloud is a big decision and it can be really fruitful for your business. Do not ruin the experience by getting lured by things that do not provide anything but unnecessary effort. Moving Dynamics to the cloud is a serious business decision, give it the time that it needs and take it seriously because the advantages that you will reap at the end are going to lend a successful edge to your business.

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