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Patient Portal

You can shop online, transact for money online, and get your groceries online, book movie tickets online, order food online, what else can be done online? If you are thinking of booking your health appointment online, that is also possible! Patient portals are that innovation which allows the patients to check their health status and book appointments online, like doctor and laboratory tests. Just like you have an account for the various shopping sites, here also you need to create one. Some health care provider centres also provide enabling of accounts to their patients.

All you need is an account with a username and password, to ensure your medical data are maintained with privacy. You would have to carry out these activities either by visiting the medical unit yourself or by ringing them, but with growing digitization and modernization along with up gradation in technology; health industry has also seen a number of innovations with Patient Portal along with Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and its improved version Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

Patient Portal comes with several benefits; let’s discuss them in detail as below: 

Email Reminders
If you have an account in any of the websites of Patient Portal, it sends you reminders regarding your upcoming appointments for health check-up or laboratory tests. It has been observed that with the introduction of patient portals, there are reduced instances of missing out on the same by forgetfulness or ignorance. These keep sending repeated reminders basis your current medical and health condition and your recent case studies with your medical practitioner. 

Engagement of Patient and Family
With patient portals, the patient and his or family can access the account for all the details. Engage of the patient and his family means better understanding and care for the patient. No ignorance and better monitoring with graphical representations give a better picture which means the patient is aware of what is going on in his body and anatomy. There were times when people would not understand at all what exactly happened however medical practitioners would simply take advantage of the situation. But with patient portals, people can access several health care provider centres and compare the costs and choose among the best. 

Effectiveness and Productivity
Patients can book and confirm their own appointments and confirm as per their own convenience. Prior to the innovation of Patient portals, generally people would be either ringing up or visiting physically for the same. Receptionists would be giving slots and there would be a long queue at the chamber. But with online appointment booking facility you can book your own time slots which are made available such that a single slot is available to a single patient.

Better communication and better care
Normally for small concerns regarding your health after you have completed your check up or discharged from the hospital, a hefty fee would be required for in personal visits to the doctor. But if you have an account in the patient portal, you can choose to email or send instant messages to your practitioner regarding your queries and concerns. This is also easy on the part of the doctors because they can respond instantly after going through your details online.

Create your account in the patient portal now to avail these amazing benefits from your health care provider centre.

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