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Java Skills

Who does not want to make money and be rich? And what better way to get rich than to use your passion. India has been a hub of Java programmers and almost all I know are programmers by choice. There is a unique passion in them about what they do and a hunger to learn what’s new and what can make them better.

While being a programmer is just one of the aspects of money making with Java, there are numerous ways that Java is used in the industry and honing your skills in a specific direction can help you grow and also monetarily benefit you. Here are a few interesting ways that can help Java developers India and abroad.

  • Stay Updated: This might seem like something that you are already doing; but, it is not just about your field. It is about the opportunities that come up and go. Many organizations sponsor events like appathon for creating apps and and hire programmers who show exceptional skills. These are the kinds of activities that you should take part in. This will give you the required exposure, an achievement in your resume, and you never know, a well-paying job as well.

  • Stay Focused: In technology, one thing you should abstain from is to be a jack of all and master of none. It is good to know about the technologies around you; but, it is important to have specialization in one. It is very difficult to excel if you are not an expert in an aspect. Now, this does not have to be a version but can be a broader concept like coding, testing, etc. However, this should not limit you to be versatile like learning more than one programming languages.

  • Stay Current: Many technologies have come and gone without anyone noticing. But, there are some that are sure to be the future. If you can, try to leverage on such technologies and upskill yourself. For example, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are the currently trending technologies that are here to stay. So, focus on these technologies will open more opportunities for Java programmers India and make them future ready.

  • Stay Connected: Acquiring skills is one thing and networking is another. The importance of networking in an industry should never be undermined. Therefore, build networks with friends and colleagues in the same industry. This will keep you informed about job openings, trends, internship opportunities, etc. The network can help you connect with a field expert who might agree to mentor you. Thus, building a network is as important as acquiring right skills.

Every industry has its set of norms and practices which are based on the requirements in the industry; like importance of ethics in medical profession. Similarly, the IT industry requires a professional who is a quick learner. This industry is so versatile that it is practically impossible to stop learning here. If you are here to stay, you have to be on top of things always and think out of the box to achieve success.

We welcome programmers to share their success stories and experiences that played vital role in what they are. Leave a comment.

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