6 Simple and Effective Steps to Download SHAREit for PC

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As the usage of the smartphones has risen exponentially, the importance of the file transferring applications has also come into the foray. Now we install various games and media files like movies, videos, images on our smartphone. And very often we wish to send these files to our near and dear friends.

But sending a large file over Bluetooth takes loads of time. Thus the importance of the content sharing applications has emerged with time. And when we are talking about the file transferring applications, the first name which strikes on our head is of SHAREit.

This Lenovo product is by far the most popular and downloaded content sharing application currently ruling the world. SHAREit offers an incredible speed while transferring files and thus quite naturally you will want to download the application on your respective devices.

While downloading and sharing files from one handset to another is quite easy through this application, the methods of downloading SHAREit for PC require some tricks. So in this article, we have decided to share some tips to download and install SHAREit for Windows PC and have also explained the techniques to transfer files between a PC and a handset. But first of all, check out the features of SHAREit which have made this application so popular among the fans.

Features of SHAREit

  • SHAREit can transfer really large files and supports all formats of files such as MP3, MKV, WAV, FLV, WMV, MP4, JPEG, GIF, and DOC.
  • This file transferring application can locate other devices installed with SHAREit automatically within its vicinity.
  • SHAREit transfers files through Wi-Fi and not via Bluetooth or mobile data. So in a way, it saves your phone’s battery life.
  • You can share your desired files to 5 persons at a time and the application provides 40 times more speed than Bluetooth.
  • Through SHAREit you can share files cross-platform. That means you can send files between PC and PC, Android phones, Windows phones and iOS devices.

Steps to Download SHAREit for PC

Downloading SHAREit on Windows PC is not a rocket science at all. All you need is just to follow the below-given simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the official website of SHAREit and download the installer file to run the application on Windows PC.

Step 2: As soon as the download gets completed, double click on the installer file and click on the Run option. The application will start getting installed on your Windows-based desktop or laptop.

Step 3: Now when the content sharing application gets installed on your Windows PC, open the app and you will find a Send and Receive option. You will also find a ‘Connect PC’ option. Click on it.

Step 4: Next, you will notice the entire PC network which is available within your vicinity.

Step 5: Now choose the PC among the network you want to send files to.

Step 6: Finally, select the Receive or Send option to get or send the desired files.

Wrap up

Folks hopefully this tutorial on SHAREit for PC and the techniques to either send or receive files to/from your Windows PC has helped you alot. If you have anu query regarding the steps or the procedure, feel free to ask us for the solution.

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