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The tasks of the human resource department in any organization do not get completed overnight; in fact, they are continuous for as long as the organization or business sticks to existence. This is because along with time, if the business grows, it needs more manpower to handle different things within the organization.

On the other hand, even if the business is not flourishing anymore and there are requirements to vacant or dismiss certain positions, you need a human resource department, or an individual, to help you with the same. Unless you are professional in the field, doing human resource things on your own is not something that you would even think of.

The trickiest thing about human resource department is that even if it is a large sized group, it needs software to support the human resource needs within the organization. Unless you have the right kind of software to help all the human resource individuals in your business, don’t even think the department would be able to handle your needs. Even if your organization is small, software can always help in managing everything beautifully.

Before we talk about the Top HR Software available in India, it is necessary for you to be convinced about why to get technical things into your smooth HR life. Read below to know the reasons:

  • Because HR activities may seem smooth to you right now, but as and when the business grows, it is frustrating to manage the employees and take care of all the filled as well as unfilled positions.
  • Because HR software is not expensive at all; you can get the affordable ones. It is thanks to such affordable software that almost all the companies use them now.
  • Because HR software ensures that you don’t hire a lot of people in the HR department.
  • Because HR software ensures to perform half of the tasks of HR individuals in your organization. All the major tasks are handled in an automatic and professional manner.
  • Because HR software allows the HR individuals to focus on other things in the organization; they can continue with the recruitment and selection processes while the software is working on other things that had to be manually handled earlier.
  • Because there are a few HR activities that the HR individuals don’t even remember to perform, but they mean a lot to the organization. Such activities are performed by the software.

Now that you know about the reasons to purchase and use HR software for the betterment of your employees and overall growth of your organization, here’s a list of the top 10 HR software that you can use to enhance your business in India:

Top 10 Best HR Softwares in India

PocketHCM: As cute as the name sounds, PocketHCM is a very simple and easy to use HR software that’s widely used in India. It doesn’t matter if you have a small scale business or a large one, all that matters is that you use this software in order to get rid of all that’s bothering you with regards to the HR department in your organization. All the HR facilities are handled in a very smooth and easy way, when you have this software taking care of everything in the backend.

SutiHR: What are you looking for from the HR software you are searching for? SutiHR is used by almost all the business firms in the country because they know that this is the name that provides them with end-to-end Human Resource Management facilities. All you need to do is feed the data in this software and let it do its job. You can focus on other tasks in the organization as SutiHR takes care of rest of the things happening on the floor, but only related to the Human Resource Department in your organization.

Ceipal: Human Capital Management has another name and that’s surely Ceipal! You feel rejuvenated when you use this software since it is not only easy to use, but also a trusted one in the market. There are ways in which you can fill the required information and let the software do its job. You can assign other responsibilities on the shoulders of your HR individuals since their basic responsibilities are performed by this software. No matter what your business need is, if it is related to human resource in your organization, you don’t have to be worried if you have this software installed on the floor for your employees.

SumHR: There are excellent and effective collaboration as well as communication tools in this software and those are surely the things that you need to push your business to its maximum extent. This web-based software is currently quite prominent in the country because of its beautiful features. You can sum up all the information related to all the employees in your organization; this software also allows the groups to work together on a single platform. The best thing is that it can be used on your cellphone as well.

Keka: This is said to be Indian’s largest and the most used HR software in the market. If there’s something that you want to do for your organization, you can buy this software and use it for the betterment of your HR individuals because this software has the capacity to make their lives easier than ever before.

GreytHR: From flexible payment structures to accurate payroll handling, from reminding you about the unpaid debts to employee self-service features, there is absolutely nothing that this software doesn’t have for you. Apart from induction training, assets management and survey management, there is everything that you get with the help of this software.

ZingHR: This software was introduced in the market in order to provide the entrepreneurs with a simple Human Resource Management System. It has been created with on-the-cloud solutions for any HR issue raised in the organization.

Beehive: This is a complete web-based human resource management system that covers the entire life cycle of all the employees in your organization.

HRStop: A one-stop destination for all the HR needs you have in your life or within your team – you can use this name for Human Resource Management System in your organization, especially if it is a newly started name in the market. It is said to be the quickest way to settle down the HR activities in any organization. Its special features are the Employee Self Service Management and Performance Management.

WebPay: Simple and affordable are the two things that define this software, which is used for payroll processing in an organization. A lot of small scale organizations use this software because they can build reports, recruit, track assets of the company, mark the attendance, get into the process of payroll management, ensure to have employee document of each and every individual working on the floor, remember 360 degree appraisals, etc. Name an HR function and you’d be able to get it done with the help of WebPay.

You can always gather more information about the software mentioned above and then finally select the best ones for your business or organization. No matter which software you choose, you are bound to enjoy the benefits of the same.

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