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Honestly, there are many different video editing software’s for Window’s PC on the internet, but generally, it’s tough to find out best quality video editing software for your desktop. Whether you want to add special effects to your video or want to experiment in animation or just want something professional looking and simple, it is important to use best quality video editing softwares.

Today, every single person out there can make videos and share them online. Making videos is easy on your smartphone and can share online easily but what if you want to make something more involved, more appealing? So then you need more strong, powerful and more tools video editing software that your smartphone can not handle.

For such videos, you need high-quality editing software for your desktop and these headphones to enjoy music while editing. Now audience are greater than they have been so video editing software’s can help you build a unique and more presentable than a video you’re proud to share. So take a cup of tea and sit relax as this article will tell you top ten video editing software’s that are available today.

The Best Video Editing Software of 2017

1. Windows Movie Maker
Windows movie maker is the simplest video editing software for windows. It has unlimited space capability and storage which is the best advantage for videos editors. It comes with the simpler way to combine clips to form a video effect, titles, background music, transitions etc. Windows Movie Maker has been a top choice of video editors, it allows easily to import and export the videos and facilitate you to share that videos on YouTube and many other websites. But windows movie maker lacks the large number of tools ad effects in contrast to other video software’s plus it is not user-friendly for Windows 7 and XP.

2. Corel Video Studio X10
Corel Video Studio X10 is a video editing software that is easy for newcomers, it support for 4K, 360-degree VR, multi-cam editing, as well as a large space for free music. It contains 2,000 plus filters and effects, including 14 premium effects collections.  Another amazing feature for beginners is the addition of storyboard mode, which helps to draft the exact image they have in mind for a finished product without wasting hours and days on edit. But this editing software is slightly slower rendering than best competitors. Those people who are new in video editing field they must use Corel video studio X10.

3. Avidemux
Avidemux is free video editing software designed for simple cutting, filtering, and encoding tasks, it is considered the best editing software now in the market. This software is the bit advanced as compared to other software’s but videos to be converted into various common formats, and very easy to download and install software on your PC. This software Supports Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Vista.

4. Hitfilm 4 express
HitFilm 4 Express is new, colorful, cool-looking and highly well-designed software. It allows editing with both 2D and 3D effects. And also offers above 180 effects and transitions and limitless tracks. And it makes the best movies without paying for an editor. But It has odd download process which takes a lot of time in downloading and installing it.

5. Blender video editing software
Blender is outstanding free video editing software. This software is basically used for the creation of real time 3D, shading, animation, modeling and UV unwrapping. Bender is most versatile and lightweight software comes with many savvy features, easy to use and cost free. Blender is little complicated to understand, so to use this software it is important to see tutorials on YouTube.

6. Adobe premiere pro
Most professional editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro, it has a good-looking, flexible interface and Capable of attempting nearly any type of video format. Adobe editing software is always ready to produce the video for professional production, including film, television and the Web. It has ability import and export footage from competitive software. Adobe offers sufficient horsepower to handle a 360-degree virtual video to 8K footage all in the natural format.

7. VSDC free video editor
VSDC is tough to use, it is the initially little bit confusing because it has a lot of features and their function are not always immediately obvious. Its hardest editing software but it is worth using VSDC because it is highly capable of some clever effects that you cannot get from other editing software. Video clips can be trimmed make short and cut into smaller parts and moved around, then there’s also a whole series of audio effects. The brightness, contrast, saturation can be adjusted, objects can be overturned, skewed, rotated, and also contain fire, water, and plasma effects.

8. Ezvid Video Editing Software
The best thing about this software that it can capture computer screen with just one click of a button. This software is available free on many different websites. It can make the video with effects within 3 minutes. It has a unique feature known as the ‘text-to-speech’ system that allows you to convert normal text into a computer language. This software supports all Windows including Windows 8, Windows 7, XP SP3 and Vista and you also want to cool down your computer while using this software by these cpu coolers.

9. VideoPad
Video pad is best editing software for you tube videos; it has video maintenance, video capture from a webcam and all common video formats, including AVI, WMV, DivX and more. But this editing software lack many tools as this software is quite old. This editing software is easy to use and can export up to 4K video to YouTube.  This editing supports for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS and it’s easy to see why VideoPad is popular with the YouTube crowd.

10. Blackmagic Da Vinci Resolve
Blackmagic editing software is widely used for color correction in Hollywood movies because of its power, it can’t do multi-camera editing, nor can it do 3D. But it is friendly software for your PC. This software is easy to use and hardly miss any tool compared to editing software.

These are the top ten editing software’s for your desktop and all are easily available on the internet. So yes, making good looking home videos is now easier and cheaper than ever.

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