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Software Industry is currently the most booming industry of 21st century. No doubt, it’s has been challenged by Smartphone industry for the 1st spot, still, smartphones are dependent on software to run. As the world is progressing, the concept of information sharing is also progressing and in today’s world which is the time of social media, information sharing has increased to a great extent. When you integrate this concept of information sharing with software technology, a new term was devised for such Softwares, known as Open Source Softwares, choose from the list of word processing programs and use the one you need for your projects.

Difference between Open Source Softwares and others
Open Source Softwares are those which are readily accessible for everyone with its source code for the purpose of modification or any source of alteration required by the user. Softwares other than open source are those which are available for the public to use either free or paid but the code is not available to alter, such Softwares are known as Proprietary Softwares. One thing to keep in mind is that Open source softwares are available with the code to others but not entirely. The user or programmer can alter it to a certain extent authorized by the creator of that Software.

Best Open Source Word Processors
Microsoft Word has been known by almost everyone, is a word processing application. Everyone knows that what a word processor is? It’s a software used to create and develop official documents. This article is about to mention few best open source word processors available in the market. Let’s have a look at them.

Apache Open Office: Writer
Apache Open Office Writer is the 1st Open source Word Processor in our list. You can use it as a full fledge Word processor. It’s having a large number of features like Wizard interface controller, checking grammar, developing long books, developing HTML codes and likewise. So it’s a good option. Not only Office writer but the entire suite is an open source software.

Libre Office, a powerful open source software
Word processor of Libre Office is a very powerful open source word processing program. The entire suite is considered to be better than apache suite of softwares but since Apache has a strong grip over the market, that’s why it is leading. The office writer from Libre office suite developed by The Document foundation is one of the most used writers after Microsoft Office and Apache Open Office suite. It provides you every basic word processing feature from auto correction to exporting files into various formats.

Neo Office Writer for MAC
MAC is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world and considering this fact, Neo Office Writer was specifically designed for the MAC users. Not only Office Writer but the entire suite has been designed specifically for MAC users catering their specific and special needs. It provides the basic MAC like installation process, To proofreading your writings website to check punctuationIts latest version is also compatible with the latest version of MAC, allowing the text based drawings and retinal compatibility. So if you’re a MAC user, this could be the ideal office writer for you.

Google Docs
Google docs is an online word processor which is not only free but also an open source software like others. But the key factor is that it’s one of the most easily accessible online softwares. It allows you to make complex structures like tables and graph. Google docs are the word processing part of the entire free open source suite developed by the Google.

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