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The world has gone crazy about their mobile phones. And Android app developers are doing their bit to add fuel to the fire. Android developers around the world are shaping the Smartphone application development and by doing this they have set the bar high for iPhone app development.

One of the primary platforms that are used for Android development is Adobe Flash. One can say that since the time, Android has come in alignment with Adobe flash, the whole idea of mobile development has changed its face. This has enabled a user to get the best of both worlds. One can enjoy the spectacular look of the flash and the user-friendly feel of Android.

The general enthusiasm and attraction towards the android increased mostly after Google’s take over. When put together with Adobe’s strong and stunning flash, it revolutionizes the concepts of mobile technology. Flash uses the AIR framework for Android. Using this enables android app developers to create apps within a very short span of time. Integrating different social networking sites is also made easy with this. In short, Android and its plethora of technological offerings has made everything that was once only in the imaginations, come true.

Using Flash on Android
Having said this, one may still wonder if there is really a NEED to use flash with Android. Following is a list that explains how using flash is so beneficial.

Flash is clearly the best platform there is for gaming. It is one of the most advanced and compatible technologies in the whole world. This means that an application that has been initially developed on Flash, but not for Android, can also run seamlessly on an Android device.

Flash, like the name suggests, is fast. Very fast. Flash games can’t be beaten by any other technology when it comes to operational speech and effect. You can try it yourself. Pick any non-flash based game (there are hardly any) and use it on a Smartphone. Then try any of the abundant flash based games on a Smartphone. The stark difference will be evident.

Flash player 10.1 enables a user to get access to millions of hours of free video content. In a time like this where people expect to do just about anything from their Smartphones, watching television on it is also likelihood. With flash the user experience level has gone up to a high bar.

Android offers thousands upon thousands of free flash games in its app store. One can enjoy a high quality gaming experience offered by the flash technology on an Android phone absolutely free! The best thing about these games is that they can be played even in an offline mode.

Android has seen unparalleled growth in the recent history of technology. With its “desert names” for various versions and a cute bot for the logo, it sure has managed to win many hearts. People have loved the interface offered by Android, and along with Flash it has surely created magic in the world of technology.

One has to come to terms with the fact that technology does not stop for anyone. So, what began with a cupcake has now moved on to Jellybean and we are still waiting for the latest dessert to be served. We await the letter K desperately and hope to see better and improved android experiences.

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