Here’s Why Your Online Advertising Campaigns Are Failing

Online Advertising Campaigns

Many people believe that only organic search results work, and that nobody pays any attention to advertising. But guess what? That’s not necessarily true and so you could be missing out. Yes, the majority of users ignore ads when they are searching for specific information, but when it comes to commercial intent, click ads are chosen almost twice as many times as organic results.

People searching in Google with commercial intent click on paid ads 2-1 over organic search results” – Wordstream study

You are probably wondering why that’s the case. It’s simple really, ads are often direct and targeted, telling the user exactly what they want, when they want to buy something. Organic search results on the other hand forces them to sift through multitudes of content before they find what they are looking for.

Now you are probably wondering that if paid ads are so effective why is it not working out for you? Again the solution is simple, you are doing it wrong!

I have mentioned 6 areas that you need to pay attention to in order to maximise the effectiveness of your ad-campaigns. The funny thing is each component relies on the other, so if you get one part wrong it will unravel like a pack of cards.

Not Targeting the Right Customer Profile
Do you know who you are targeting through your ad campaigns? Have you invested any time and resources in identifying a particular audience group to target through your advertising?

Identifying your audience pool is a pre-requisite of any advertising campaign, which is something many businesses often neglect. This often leads to poor ad campaigns.

Therefore, before you start your ad-campaign, build out a precise profile for your ideal customer, which will help you identify who you want to target through your ad campaigns. Once you collect this information, it will be easier for you to reach your target audience, as you will have a better idea on how to communicate with them or what to offer them through your ad campaigns.  

Wrong Online Advertising Channels
Are you targeting the right customer profile, but through the wrong advertising channel? Are you using Google Adwords, when you should clearly be using Twitter ads instead? Google Adwords should be your go-to solution if people actively look for your product/service online.

Facebook ads allow you to focus on specific interest targeting and demographic options. Therefore, if you are looking to target a very specific audience Facebook ads might be ideal for you. LinkedIn is a great advertising medium for B to B businesses.  If your business’s story is better represented through visuals, then Pinterest or Instagram ads could be good choices for you.

Twitter ads should be considered if your target audience is young and technology oriented. Now, that you are clear about who you want to target, you will find that choosing the right advertising channel becomes easier.

Insufficient Budget
To figure out whether your advertising campaign is working or not, you need to first generate sufficient traffic and for that you need enough money. You can’t start an ad campaign for £50and then decide that it’s not working just because it has not generated any leads for you. Firstly, you will have to determine how much click volume you need to produce, to figure out whether or not your advertising campaign is working out for you.

As a good general rule of thumb, consider a minimum of 100 clicks to your website as a good barometer to evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaign. Ideally, you should be targeting a higher click volume to get a more accurate reading on the effectiveness of your ad-campaign.

Therefore, if one click to your website costs you around £1, you will need at least £100 to just be in the position of being able to identify whether your campaign is working or not. So, make sure you have the right budget for online ad campaigns before you decide to go ahead with it. Bank loans or alternative finance providers should be considered if you feel that you are falling short.

It also depends on what your hook is. If your CTA involves users scheduling an appointment with you, expect a lower conversion rate, which means that you will need a lot more clicks for your ad-campaign to be deemed successful, compared to your hook being a free tutorial in exchange for an email address.

Landing Page Not Converting
If you are targeting the right customer profile through the right advertising channel and still things are not working out, it’s possible that your landing page is turning potential customers away. It is important to think of your landing page as a virtual salesperson for your business, it needs to entice people into taking the next and most important step.

Consider the following, if your landing page is the reason for low conversion rates:

  •      Is your landing page engaging enough to the kind of users you are reaching through your ads?
  •      Does your landing page read from the same book as your ad message?
  •      Does your landing page include corroborating evidence like facts/statistics or customer reviews?
  •      Do you have a clear and identifiable CTA?

Testing your landing page can help you to improve your conversion rates. Try different things like changing the offer, create engaging headlines or offer a 100% money back guarantee. The main point of this exercise is to try out as many different combinations as possible to figure out the landing page with the best conversion rate for your business.

Poor Offer
Are the offers on your landing page compelling enough to the visitors of your website? You can’t just ask a user to take action, you need to make an enticing and compelling offer that forces them to take the bait.  One way of going about creating an enticing offer is by following the tried and tested AIDA formula used by copywriters:

  • Attention – Say something that will arouse interest in the minds of your customers.
  • Interest – Maintain their interest with interesting examples, facts and figures. Case studies are a great way of keeping your users interested.
  • Desire – Show your customers, how buying your product or service will make a positive difference to their lives.
  • Action– Compel them to take the action you desire. Guide them through the steps that will lead to them becoming your customer.

Not Evaluating Results
For each campaign that you run, you should be aware of:

  •      The amount you spent on the campaign.
  •      The number of clicks generated by the campaign and the cost of each click.
  •      The lifetime value of your customer and the average sale value for your business.

Once you figure out these things, you can take informed decisions on the direction of your ad campaigns going forward and it will be easier for you to determine how much you need to spend to generate one sale or lead for your business.

The chances of hitting the mother lode with your first ad-campaign are practically nil. Like a new recipe you need to first figure the key ingredients to a successful advertising campaign for your business. Always assess the success of your campaigns and look to keep improving over time.

Eventually you will figure out how to reach your ideal customer profile with the right message and a captivating offer that will compel them to take action.

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