Why Switch To Android? How Many People Use Android?

Switch To Android

The figure of active android users given by Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai was 1.4 Billion during Nexus Event in San Francisco in September’2015. Needless to say this figure is constantly being increased as time passes by. The reason for overwhelming response from mobile users towards android is its flexibility, the easiest operability and unlimited possibilities of the features.

The widest open source market of Android in Smart Phone Arena gives users the infinite opportunities. Users can expand and enhance in multidimensional scopes and can explore and enjoy the limitless horizon of Android. The time in Android Application Development has arrived that one just has to wish about the task to be performed and one will find the application in Google Play Store. If the suitable application as per your need is not present in the Play Store, you can definitely have the application developed as per your requirement.

Due to open source market in Android, users can get the advantage of so many features already available to embed them in their customized application developed by their developer. Developers can spontaneously say yes to the demand of the seeker to accomplish their requirement without any hesitation.

The Reasons Why Mass Prefers Android

Fast Progression:
The world moves so fast and so does the technology in every aspect of life. The industry standards are enhanced day by day. To cope up with the latest interfaces to smart phone devices,the fast up gradation in OS of the mobiles phones is much necessary. No other platform can beat the speed of enhancement like Android does.

The largest Customer base:
Due to open source availability of Android OS, the most of the manufacturers of smart phone devices prefers to port Android in their devices. So any business which wants to connect to the large mass may automatically get this advantage by getting application developed in Android.

Universal Sharing:
Using Android, you can share any type of file from one app to another app depending upon the support of the file type of those apps. This sharing is browser or the device independent. It doesn’t require gatekeepers built in support specifically for universal sharing like other OS does.

The working file System:
Users can easily connect their Android devices with PC or laptop. The file sharing between PC and mobile devices is so hassle free and easy. Moreover, you can use any means of sharing like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB. The security standards for such sharing are enhanced day by day.

Many Hardware and Customization Options:
Android OS can easily be designed or modified for various mobile hardware like for QWERTY keypad, for small and large screens and for built in Projectors etc. With Android, you can choose customized widgets, device specific developed skins and many things more.

Custom ROM:
Custom ROMs make your Android devices even better and give you the better options for all your device activities. There are many custom ROMs available for Android and needless to say most of them are free. Some of them are CyanogenMod, PAC-ROM, Paranoid Android, OmniROM, AOKP, SlimKat Custom ROM and many more.

Some Manufacturers of Mobile Devices get their unique Custom ROM developed to make the UI more enhanced and they give time to time free update to let the users feel the most advanced features.

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