How To Launch an iOS App?: Keep a Tab on These Things

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What does it take to developing an iOS app? Patience, hard work, perseverance, dedication and passion. While it varies greatly but if you’re successful in pulling these steps together, then you’ll have an app that could raise eyebrows, that’s the least you could expect. If that’s the lower limit, then what could be expected more of it? To capitalize the moment and to have a constant flow of income.

In the past few years, the mobile market has exploded, thus, it’s the fastest growing sector. And with that much of growth, there has been an increase in demand for the mobile application to assist the requirement. Irrespective of the platform, there has been a huge demand for iOS app development or any other mobile app development services.

Do you know that there are already more than 2 million iOS applications in the App Store?

What’s Trending: iOS applications?
There are countless apps that are frustrating and complex to use. On the other hand, there are apps that make you come back again and again because they are intuitive and simple and justify the definition of a “great app”. The app craze has not been limited only to Apple but has spread to other operating systems too.

The good reason is that having an iOS app for your business can be a game changer marketing tool to getting your message conveyed and driving more traffic. You can make billions of dollars merely by making a simple game (Candy Crush, Angry Birds). You could be in that elite group by keeping these things while launching an iOS mobile app.

So, here are some Billion dollars tips: Segment Your Audience and Research the App Market:
Don’t jump the gun when it comes to setting a specific audience zone for your app. Don’t try to target the wider market, instead, set a definite audience and focus on targeting them. The effectively you focus on that particular set of audience, the better it will be.

You can scan the App Store to see the popular apps and you can explore further to check the popular apps and see what users like. If you own an Apple device, then you can download Position App which gives an insight into the top 300 applications worldwide. Start targeting the right audience and select the features and design of your app depending on the particular category.

Development Cost:
With the penchant for iOS applications, client’s interest is rapidly growing and that has taken the supply and demand chain by surprise. You have to present your audience with an application that manages to grab their attention with exquisite features and to give provide them what they are looking for. You might have to shell out more than other developers but remember the more you invest the more will be ROI, though, that doesn’t mean you have the freedom to spend money like it’s there forever.

Think and plan and then proceed further and take into account all the development costs involved. This way you’d be in a much better way to understand and calculate all the risk factors involved. There are two types of development costs namely – external development costs and internal development cost. The challenge is to build a well-defined project plan and then act accordingly and giving importance to cost-effective methodologies.

You can hire a freelancer or an iOS development company, where it is possible to get development services at cheaper rates. You can set a flat budget and have developers bid proposals for the project.

Create Your Account and Join the Developer Program
You should be a part of the online communities and join developer programs and online forums. The benefits of such initiatives are that you not only interact with other developers but you’ll have access to the necessary tools for developing, debugging and testing. This includes getting access to the SDK, documentation, developer tools, sample code etc. Apple has a dedicated website for developers which gives you access to the technical resources in the iPhone/iPad Development Center.

There are three options for joining Individual (&99), Company account (&99) and the Enterprise Program (&99). You can choose any of the options depending on your requirements. If you are planning on selling your App, once you have signed up for the program, you will need to provide personal and banking information before you can submit paid applications to the App Store.

Submitting and Getting Your App Approved
Get this fact straight – there are a number of applications submitted every week on the App Store for approval and the rejection rate is higher than the approval, therefore, you have to put in some extra efforts to thrive in the market. The estimated time for approval is around from one to three weeks and if your app gets rejected, then you have to go back to square one and start from the scratch. To avoid getting your App rejected to make sure your App description is exactly what it does and developed in the official SDK or tool which Apple accepts. The app will be tested thoroughly to ensure that it doesn’t crash.

Once your app has been approved, Apple will notify you concerning the same. The moment your app goes live you can manage users, send promo codes, start tracking sales etc. All of this can be done through your developer account.

Marketing and Distribution Ideas for Your App
Like I said, there are hundreds of thousands of other apps in the App Store and you don’t want your app to just increase the number, instead provide some valuable insights to users so that they click the download button immediately. You need to start the building the buzz before launching you iOS app so that your audience know of the upcoming notifications.

You can use the following ways.
– Use social media platforms
– Include in-App purchasing
– Try before buy facility
– Free versions of your app
– Integrate social media within into the app

Analyze initial retention rates
Even after launching the app, you still have to do a lot more to be ahead of others. You need to cross check your efforts are they paying off well. Are you getting the desired result? Is your app able to deliver the conversion rate you wanted? The answers lie in acquisition and retention tracking. The first few initial days are imperative to applications’ success, therefore, you have to identify downloads from each source and look at the initial data around retention rates. This will give you an idea about valuable users and to validate the right sources.

After that, look at your overall organic and paid retention rates and identify your strong areas and stop paying for the ones that simply aren’t working. You need to identify how well your app is keeping users interested. There’s no point if your app has been downloaded hundreds of times, what matters if the retention rate is higher or not, if users are coming back to your app or not?

Using tools like Localytics will enable you to track users engagement and other key metrics today and help you achieve your objectives.

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