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Design has a very vital impact on the decision making of the user. Decisions make way for actions, and that is what matters. Decision making can be a greatly malleable process and preferences of people aren’t as rigid as we probably believe.A potential customer will be going through your app, comparing services and products you provide. The design and user interface of the app makes it seamless for the customer to make purchases.

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But, have you made sure your user experience is uninterrupted and pleasant? The designers of User Experience have turned extremely proficient when it comes to making designs for the user action. They develop with a notion that users might take action. However, one needs to know that user action comes only after decision making. The user experience of the app doesn’t only have a vital impact on the usability but also will have an impact on people’s decision making.

The Purpose of Decision Making
So how to make the user experience effective enough to drive user decisions. We need to begin from understanding the main purpose of decision making. To be precise, the purpose is to obtain best outcome through the decision and least efforts.You might notice that there’s a contradiction in the purpose itself. Generally, best of the decision outcomes happen only through great efforts. It is necessary that you are fully aware of the purpose and the built in contradiction it carries, because the User experience design either complicates the issue or eases it out.This means design can either help a person make a decision or even hinder them. When people cannot make decisions, they don’t. And this would have adverse implications on the app objectives.

User Experience Designing
A lot of aspects in the UX design can have an impact on the decision making of the user, including the number of options that are available, the visual layout, the kind of information given and how it is worded, and so on. The impact of UX design on decision making process is subtle but powerful.One among the highly effective methods of designing for decision making is actually to look for ways to make use of natural behaviour of people and the strategies for decision making that exist.

Assessment of Value Via Comparison
A vital aspect to consider while designing user experience for decision making is determination of value. People must first figure out the value of things. As people don’t possess innate abilities to guess the right value of things, they rather use the comparison process. People generally compare things; a service, products, ideas, places and so on. This comparison process is a vital portion of natural behavior of people, and hence is something that designers must make use of, while designing UX for decision making. There are certain things like these which must be consider d while designing an app in which users make decisions.

Designing The Space For Comparison
As comparison process helps people define the value or worth of something, it is vital to architect or design the mobile app so that this innate behavior is accommodated. An efficient design can make people concentrate on the right aspects and thereby make evaluations that are meaningful. The user experience that your app provides must please the user and turn him or her into a potential customer. These UX designs can either make or break your app’s success. It is the decision making of the user that leads to conversions. Hence, with the proper user experience designing, you can reach the goal.

Summary: The best and effective way to design the app for best decision making is to use the natural behavior of people and the strategies of decision making. There are two important things to be kept in mind.

 The goal or purpose of decision making along with the internal contradiction.
 Knowing that people determine values via comparison process and contrasting the product with the other.
 Important factor while designing UX for decision making is to develop a UI wherein the comparisons can be made easily. This, too, includes the internal contradiction.
 Provide a reference point for people to determine value. Help people decide the right things to concentrate upon by making them salient.
 Make proper use of page layout and visual design so that you get rid of clutters and make way for easy scanning.
 Offer right information at the appropriate time while also getting rid of unwanted information.

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