Racial And Gender Diverse Emoticons In Whatsapp Platform

whatsapp emoji

The users can send messages instantly using the messenger platform that uses the internet connectivity to send the messages. When the texts are all that is needed to send the message, the small little icons and symbols are used to add an extra sense to the messages sent by the user. The cute faces and objects help in conveying the messages more efficiently.

WhatsApp has many similes or emojis in its interface like the faces, fruits and vegetables, transports, eats and drinks, travels and places, symbols, objects and activities, and the animals and nature. The app has planned to introduce even more emojis to enhance the app usability, and most of the emojis are already available in the iOs platform.

WhatsApp emoticons

While there are many instant messaging apps available in the market, the WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger app that is used by many billions of users to communicate with each other.

The cross platform messenger app has revolutionized the way in which a person communicates and it uses the data connectivity to send text messages, videos, images, audio files, PDFs, documents and other files using the messenger platform.

Being a popular messenger app, the app is available in multilingual forms and it uses emoticons to express the messages because, picture says thousands words. The instant messenger platform provides a wide range of emojis that has been an essential tool in conveying the thoughts even when words are lost. The emoticons are character texts that are used in conveying the emotions.

The text characters
The smileys and ideograms are called emojis and are used in the electronic messages and web pages. The emojis are the emoticons popularly used worldwide and it exists in different genres and they were originated from the Japanese mobile devices in the 1990s, since then the emojis are popular across the world.

The emojis are included in the iPhones, Android and other mobile systems. Microsoft included the monochrome Unicode emojis to the Segoe User interface, Symbol system font for the Windows 8 and the Apple OS X, the Lion 10.7 version supports the emojis.

An exclusive conference was held on November 4, 2016 at the International Emojicon conference for the first time and the conference was held in San Francisco, California.

Gender equality using the emoticons
About ninety five percent of the mobile messenger app users use the emojis while sending messages and sometimes it is hard to choose an emoji to describe a girl that emphasis the empowerment and her career, while there are different sets of emojis available for the men. And the emojis that were available in representing women are not potentially representative.

The developers were working on these issues that will provide gender equality in the design of the emojis. So a set of new and impressive emojis were proposed to the Unicode Technical committee and it displayed a large variety of emojis that represent different professions for the women and some of the emojis reflect the crucial role of the women in the real time.

And the Unicode emoji sub-committee was able to implement the emojis into the real time by agreeing to include eleven professional emojis for both the men and women. To eliminate racial differences, the emojis of both the female and male come up with various skin tones. Apart from this, the Unicode emoji subcommittee has introduced thirty three emojis in both female and male versions, so a user can pick a female or male cyclist from a single emoji.

The new set of emojis designed will be added in the advanced versions of Androids and in the other platforms, so that people accessing different phones can send and receive the same emojis. The introduction of the gender equality and women empowerment is one of the several steps taken in representing the women power in education, profession and technology.

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Beta version of the emoticons
WhatsApp is in the beta phase of testing Unicode 9 emojis for the Android devices for the version 2.17.44 and these emojis are already available in the IOs version, while the Google rolled out the same set of emoticons in Android 7.1 version of Nougat update.

However, despite Android 7.1 running on the device- the new set of emojis will be available for all the Android device users like the Android Marshmallow, Android Lollipop and other older versions.

The size of the beta version of the instant messenger app is 32.53 MB and the new update can be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store, but the updates is not a stable version and there are even chances for the users to lose some data- so the users are asked to wait for the release of the stable version. Apart from the new emojis, the new update also shows the users all the unread messages from the conversation tab- instead of the new messages.

And when any of the users from the user’s contact list changes their status, the user will be notified and the users are given the option to even edit the sent message before the recipient sees the message.

The new Unicode9.0 emojis include different set of emojis like mother son emoji, father with two kids, rainbow flag, pregnant women; women athlete, surfer, cyclist, runner, swimmer, astronauts, farmers, pilots, detective, weight lifter and even the female version of Santa Claus- Mrs. Claus; selfie, shrug, face palm and other interesting emojis like clown face, lying face, drooling and ROFL faces.

The emojis are only now available in the beta level and can be accessed only by the beta testers and is not available for the public. So, people who wish to access the new emojis can register as a beta tester to access all the new features introduced by WhatsApp.

A recent update by the instant messenger platform is the layout of the emoji, as the emojis appear in bigger size, similar to the sticker, but the user sends two emojis without any space between them- they will be slightly enlarged. And if the user places the emoticon right after the message, then the emoji will be sent in the standard size.

All these new emojis are present in the iOs 10.2 version, where the emojis that represent gender diverse and racial representations of women in education and profession, like the judge and engineer that puts a total of sixteen new professions in the emoji keyboard with six tones and appear in both female and male genders. This adds up to a sum of one hundred and ninety two distinct emojis. Also the emoji includes a host of emojis in the animal’s category like gorilla, fox, squid and a duck.

WhatsApp beta tester
To enjoy the new updates of the app, the users can register as a beta tester and access all the new features designed by the instant messenger platform before it is released for the public use. To become a beta tester, the user must open the WhatsApp messenger app from the Google play Store. When they scroll to the end of the page, they can find the option ‘Become a beta tester’. By selecting this option the user becomes a beta tester for the app.

Because of a wide user base, the messenger platform is frequently updating its features to retain the popularity and support of the users and attract new users to the platform. The app is also facilitating its communication medium by allowing users to send different types of messages like text, voice, audio, gif, PDF and video messages. Recently the app allows the users to share their live chat with the others users in a different group.

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