Protective Cases For Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung has always been on the top of the market and the main reason behind it is the success of their Flagship models like the Note series and the S series.
The Galaxy S series has always been about power and simplicity while the Note series is all about productiveness and its capability to blend in with any type of user, be it an office going guy or a music guy; the Note served the best to all.
Samsung recently launched the Note 5 which is an absolute delight to the eye and also to work at. Finding a right case for such amazing device can be tricky because big phones often drops out of our hands and regular covers may not provide that much protection to the device. So let us look at the 5 best protective cases for Note 5.


5 Elegant and Modern Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flip Case


Trident Aegis Pro Case

This might not be a well known name for most of us but it definitely is one of the ultimate cases that you can buy for the Note 5. Usually, protective cases are designed like they are meant for some nerds because of the styling. This is one of the reasons why people run away from these covers, but this one, oh boy, all we can say is an absolute perfection and unlike others, it also comes in many colors.
The case is made up of a mixture of elements like TPE (soft) on the inside and Polycarbonate (hard shell) on the outside and it even comes with the military grade drop test rating. One of these will set your back at 2,499 INR.



Urban Armor Gear Magma Case

The Urban Armor Gear falls in direct competition with the Trident Aegis Pro Case as it is priced at same 2,499 INR and also meets the Military grade drop test rating at 810G but what makes it a better choice is its form and design. The Trident was a bit bulky considering the phone’s dimensions and weight but this one fits on like a new skin.



Spigen Neo Hybrid Carbon Case

When we see Spigen’s name, we lean back a bit because we know that Spigen manufactures one of the best cases in the world and this one is one of the best ever produced. The Hybrid case is made of carbon fiber which makes it extremely light and durable as well and also very rigid to protect your phone from occasional drops and bumps. Prices start from 1,300 INR.


5 Must Have Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Cases


Otterbox Commuter Series Case

The Otterbox company has come up with a range of different customizable cases which can be paired with many colors and they have achieved all this without sacrificing the phone’s security in terms of physical damage. Prices start at 3,000 INR.



I-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Note 5 Case

The iBlason Armorbox is the ultimate case for the Note 5 as it consists of two elements which is TPU (the normal silicon like material) on the inside and outside it is covered with the hard shell which provides protection like nothing else. It even covers the earphone and USB socket to protect the device from dust. It will set your back at just 1,299 INR.

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