How To Use Latest Spring Update FieldOne & Adxstudio

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The latest update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings new field service capabilities with FieldOne and online client engagement technology with Adxstudio. Companies need to wait for the release of this technology that will bring two acquisitions – FieldOne and Adxstudio offering customers capabilities for leading field service and portal solutions for community engagement.

What is FieldOne
FieldOne is a cloud-based field service CRM application snapped up by Micorosft officials last summer.

What is Adxstudio
Adxstudio is a web portal and management specialist of app life cycle became product of Microsoft in September.

Leveraging the both features, officials are extending their market reach into vast kinds of business workflows and processes. The officials are releasing the Spring Wave with the latest capabilities in order to support field and project service. Organizations will be able to schedule, manage, and deliver onsite service regardless of its type.

Once this update goes live, CRM developers will be able to navigate the cloud app platform in most intuitive way and complete their job with the help of customized guided tasks and support. The upcoming capabilities are contextual and role-based that will help them in driving productivity of the business user.

The adaptive learning lets users to alter sentiment scoring models so that it can make the system learn to reach higher sentiment precision. The automated triage automatically detects intention in online social media posts. It route them as leads or cases into CRM using machine learning that helps in boosting sales performance and efficiency of the organization.

A lot more intelligent services are in the baking list to prepare Dynamics CRM online for better growth and future. Moreover, developers will be able to dig social media for customer service or sales opportunities and that will become possible with these two new machine learning scenarios intended for Microsoft social engagement.

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