Amazing Places To Visit In Dubai You Don’t Know Much About

When you talk about Dubai, there is a list of bestplaces that are a must visit. Move away from the regular ‘touristy’ attractions and you’ll find that there are a lot many destinations in Dubai that gets skipped in your packaged trail but should definitely be visited in order to know Dubai like a local.
The world is in awe ofthe mighty Burj Khalifa, shopping malls, and desert safari in Dubai; but Dubai is much more than just thesetop names featuring everywhere. Come to Dubai and experiencesome of the amazing places of Dubai that are not as often written as they should be.

1.J.W. Marriot Marquis Hotel

The J.W. Marriot Marquis hotel in Dubai is the world’s tallest hotel recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Located just 5kms away from the world’s tallest building- Burj Khalifa, the J.W. Marriot Marquis Hotel has 14 restaurants, a plush nightclub and almost every amenity required by a guest inside it.

2.Cayan Tower

Also known as Infinity tower, it reaches a height of 1005 ft. and is an engineering marvel with a twisted design. It is the tallest twisted tower of the world and houses 495 apartments in its 75 storeys.Such is the design of the tower that the people residing on the lower floors will have their house viewing the Dubai Marina waterfront promenade while those on the upper floors will face the Persian Gulf.

3.Dubai Design District

A visually sober creation as compared to the other attractions of Dubai, the Dubai Design District (D3) is a purpose built beautiful community has many offices, studios and conducts activities to promote and nurture local talent. Although, the construction is still under process, the part of the district completed is a great place to witness exhibitions and galleries of budding talents.

4.Ibn Battuta Mall

Often overlooked in the shadow of the Dubai Mall and the Mall of Emirates, the Ibn Battuta mall is an architectural treat to your eyes. It is the world’s largest themed mall and boasts of the theme based upon Arab’s legendary explorer Ibn Battuta’s excursions. It is divided into six different sections namely India, Egypt, China, Andalusia, Persia and Tunisia court based on the explorations of Ibn Battuta in these countries. All these different sections boast of a local feel of the country and is a delight to explore. For shopping, the mall has over 270 shops and 50 restaurants with 21 screen cinema.

5.Bastakiya Quarters

For a long time Bastakiya quarters was neglected as Dubai was too busy in its development. Before it was too late, Dubai realized the importance of restoring its last left old style residential area that offered a glimpse of the bygone era following which the Bastakiya Quarters have now been declared as a conservation area. This old era neighborhood located right in the heart of the developed Dubai is one of the best places to visit. Ittransports you to the Bedouin era when Dubai was no more than a humble village.

6.Dubai Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Conservation reserve is a sprawling area of (around 5% of the total land of Dubai) is exclusively dedicated to the conservation of the bio diversity and abundant natural beauty of the Arabian desert. The area is beautifully maintained and has the luxurious Al Mahara desert resortto allow the guests to stay in the luxury and enjoy the untainted beauty of the place.

7.Al Ain Zoo

Home to over 4000 animals, the Al Ain Zoo is one of the most underrated attractions of Dubai. This huge zoo is also a conservation home for more than 197 species of animals. It is a natural habitat to 180 species of animals considered endangered. Somewhere lost between the glittery attractions of Dubai, Al Ain zoo is a must visit for one and all.

8.Dragon Mart

This biggest Chinese mall outside china is one of the best places to buy everything from furniture to pins at interesting prices. With over 4000 stalls boasting of exciting products, Dragon Mart is a place of major bargains. Located just past the international city, it’s a huge mart and the hustle- bustle is great for people watching. This already large mart is further expanding to accommodate more stalls and better products.

9.Jumeirah Beach Walk Area

A walk along the Jumeirah beach residences area will give you a feel of a stroll in the urban seaside of any English county. Such is the setting and look of the area, that the place almost eliminates the feel of an Arab country. Open air cafes, high- end multi cuisine restaurants, great play area for kids and an air of infectious style and uber feel; the JBL walk is your place for a leisure evening stroll and some high end shopping.

10.Lisaili Camel Market

Drive up to the Al Ain road from Dubai and in less than an hour you’ll reach the Lisaili Camel market. A one of its kind place, the market has great exhibition of local trinkets and handicraft items. But the highlight of the place is the camel sales. Yes, the place sells camels and theredeals are nowhere cheap. It’s a great place to witness buying and selling of these giant animals and the love Arabs have for them.
Dubai is one attraction you just can’t get enough of. No matter how frequently or long have you stayed in Dubai, it’s difficult to be sure of having seen everything. There’s so much new coming in Dubai every day that it always feels like a new destination, no matter how many times you visit.

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