Backpack vs. Suitcase: Which is Better When Traveling?

Backpack vs. Suitcase

Of course, various kinds of travel getaways requires different travel gears, and perhaps the biggest decision most travelers make as they prepare to go to the airport is the option between a backpack or a suitcase. Each of these travel gears has their weaknesses and strengths, and are appropriate for specific circumstances.

The power to select between these two gears may seem whimsical. However, for those people who had to drag a roller suitcase for almost a mile down a muddy road from the local transportation to a hotel, or who had to pull a wrinkled backpack, know that bringing the inappropriate choice can destroy a vacation.

The difference between traveling with a backpack and a suitcase are vast. For a little help, check out the guide below to know what travel gear is best for your next vacation.

Pros and Cons of Backpacks
As expected, backpacks are the most evident option for shorter trips or long weekends. Backpacks are also the ideal choice for people who want to keep things to a minimum and don’t mind washing his/her clothes during the trip. They are especially helpful when you have a complex, diverse travel itinerary ahead of you, such as flying in, then getting into a cab, then hopping on trains to get around after that.


  • Backpacks are small and easy to bring in almost anywhere you go, giving you unfathomable mobility. In this way, anyone carrying a backpack will never have to worry jumping over mud puddles, running to trains, and throwing themselves into the back of a taxicab without exerting much power.
  • Backpacks can fit under the seat. As such, you’ll never have a problem about the airplane be out of storage room or even losing it.
  • They’re multi-purpose. You can use it for hikes, day trips, and many more, whereas a suitcase is mainly for traveling.
  • And the fact that it’s relatively small than a suitcase, you only pack the most important things. Plus, you don’t need to buy a pile of unnecessary junks to take back home.


  • With backpacks, you’ll need to roll your clothes instead of folding them, making it hard to pack certain types of formal wear (even if you’re excellent at packing). In result, most of your clothes will come out rumpled and wrinkled.
  • Traveling with backpacks can be a hassle because they’re sometimes top-loading. Meaning, if you need something, you’ll need to unpack the whole bag and then repack. That goes whenever you need to take something out of your backpack.
  • The size of your backpack can often become a problem if you would want to bring many things with you when traveling. They’ll be a burden to you especially if you are traveling in different climates that requires an assortment of clothes.
  • For the most part, a backpack is not as solid and durable as a suitcase. Thus, you can’t just throw it around or sit on it.

Pros and Cons of Suitcases

When you are heading to only one destination, and you decide on lingering there until you go back home, suitcases are perhaps the best option. In this case, you will not be lugging your suitcase everywhere, not like a backpack.


  • It is much more comfortable to wheel a suitcase throughout airports than strutting with a backpack.
  • A hard-shell suitcase can withstand any beating, such as throwing it around or sitting on it. Plus, you can opt to lock it if you’re anxious about thieves.
  • If you’re not an expert packer, it’s much easier and simpler to pack clothes, especially your formal wears, in suitcases and rest assured that they’re wrinkle-free.
  • Organizing your things is undoubtedly simpler with a suitcase. Thus, it’ll be easier for you to separate the clean ones from the dirty clothes.
  • Almost all suitcases, particularly the hard shells, are impervious to water.
  • It is easier to repack your things with suitcases compared to top-loading backpacks.


  • Bringing a suitcase can sometimes be a hassle because its wheels don’t work well on dirt, cobblestones, and other unstable terrains.
  • Carrying a suitcase around crowded cities or trains can be a problem. Usually, it’s difficult to wheel a suitcase around, especially if you’re planning to use public transportation more often.
  • An average-quality suitcase normally cost a hundred bucks. However, a cheap suitcase with unsteady wheels or feeble zippers can undoubtedly wreck a vacation.


Sure, most of us have our own choice between a suitcase or a backpack when traveling. If you want something that’ll provide you more mobility, go for backpacks. If you want to have a more sturdy bag, go for a suitcase.

But keep in mind that there are pros and cons to each type of luggage.

Yassi Parrish is a travel and lifestyle blogger. Since she loves to travel, she makes sure that she carries high-quality luggage with her. Yassi browses any online store like Luggage Online to get the best deals. In her spare time, she spends some quality time with her parents.

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