Being Safe While You Travel

One of the best ways to make your travel time more enjoyable is to take care of the small things – such as packing everything you need in an organized way and take care of your safety even before you travel. When you don’t have to worry about pesky little things like the missing toothbrush or hair comb, or about bigger worries like keeping your baggage safe and ensuring you reach your destination hotel safely, you will be in a more receptive and relaxed frame of mind. A happy mind means the travel automatically becomes even more enjoyable.

There are small ways in which you can safeguard yourself from inconveniences such as going hungry. You have the online food order in train option to take care of that for you. Or you can pack dry and healthy snacks in the right way so that they last long and can be had throughout the journey. But what about the other, more important safety tips that you should remember to keep yourselves secured at all times? Here are some of them for you:

Avoid taking high performance sedatives or medicines during or just before your travel. Find alternatives that don’t make you too weak or which don’t knock you out for a deep sleep. But get these alternatives from a prescribed physician only. If such medicines cannot be avoided under any circumstances, then travel with a companion, who can watch over you while your defences are weak.

Try and keep the important documents, money and cards in 1-2 places that you can hold even while you are sitting or sleeping. Place them neatly in your lap protected by your hands while you sit, or under your head with your pillow while you sleep.

Carry necessary items such as a clean sheet, pillow and blanket when you have to travel long distances by train or buses. Sometimes, you may be provided with these things, but you can never be sure about the hygiene levels maintained while cleaning these things, so you can always use your items as a buffer.

Dressing appropriately is important. You don’t want to wear loud or expensive jewellery for obvious reasons. You should also dress comfortably and not expose much. Wearing clothes that are tight, keep riding up or which reveal a lot become a nuisance when you have to climb up or down a level, or when you are lying down or even sitting with a lot of strangers around you.

If you have to use the washroom facilities en route, whether you are in a bus or train, then it would be best to carry you bag with your important possessions even to the washroom. This is to ensure no one steals from your belongings while you were away from your seat.

If you think that your co-passenger is becoming travel sick or is suffering from some other illness that is likely to affect you directly, then try and get proper medical assistance for him/her and bring it to the attention of the travel personnel who may be with you.

Traveling safely and in a practical manner will make your trip even more enjoyable. You will have all the time to be able fully enjoy your vacation once you have taken care of the basics!

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