5 Best Places To Visit in Ahmedabad For Weekend


Ahmedabad lies in Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the 7 th largest city in India and is the biggest hub for jobs, occupation and trade which are flourishing there. Many businesses have got their roots from Ahmedabad only. You can call it a busy city with people traveling here and there. Some are in a hurry to reach their offices and some are going to their business locations or offices.

Ahmedabad is known as a commercial hub for various businesses. But life gets dull if there is no fun in life. Yeah I agree that work is important for a livelihood but only work and no fun and entertainment can make our life boring. We all work 5 days of the week and then wait for the weekends as weekend is the day for no work generally. We prefer to spend our weekend with our family or our loved ones. And yes the busy people of the Ahmedabad can also enjoy their weekends with their loved ones or family members.

5 Best Places To Visit in Ahmedabad

Some people get confused as they are not able to find the rights places near Ahmedabad to spend their lovely weekend. They are not able to decide as which place will be the best where they can spend their quality time with their family to reduce the work stress and improve their productivity. Are you one of those confused people? 🙂 if yes, don’t worry as we bring to you the list of most popular and the best picnic spots near Ahmedabad. Have a look and do not let your weekend go boring and enjoy your weekend with your family or friends.

#1. Indroda Nature Park
Indroda Nature Park is the best place to spend your weekend. You can come here with your children and wife and have a lovely time. It is situated on the bank of Sabarmati River in Gandhinagar and spreads across an area of about 410 hectares. It is managed by the Gujarat Ecological and Education and Research Foundation. You will get to see an expo of various species of dinosaurs here. It is basically a botanic garden with carcasses of water mammals. You can enjoy the camping facilities of the park and visit the zoo.

#2. Akshardham Temple
If you are a spiritual kind of person and love to see the reflections of prehistoric things then Akshardham is the best place for your weekend. You can visit Akshardham temple with your family. It is situated in Gandhinagar. It has a wonderful art work on the walls of temple and you will be amazed after seeing the beauty of the temple. It feels so calm and relaxed when you enter the temple. You can easily feel the positive vibes of the temple. The Temple is devoted to Lord Swaminarayan. You can have food at the temple and can enjoy the Sahajanand van and the Sat-Chit- Anand water show.

#3. Maniar’s Wonderland park
It is a snow park where you can have a wonderful weekend. This can be the best choice for you and your children. They are going to love this park a lot and you and your children will never forget the amazing time spent over here. You can enjoy the whole day in this park. The park is best both for teenagers and the old people too. The park opens at 10 am to 8:30

#4. Polo Forest
Polo Forest is one of the best places that you consider for spending your weekend. Polo forest is a natural beauty and you should definitely see this place once. It has a lot of stories related to it. The Government of Gujarat organizes Polo Utsav every year. Bookings have to be done in advance. Entry into the forest is free of cost so it will really be the best place to enjoy your weekend.

#5. Nalsarovar
Nalsarovar opens from6 Am to 6pm. It is spread across an area of 120 km sq. It has a beautiful lake and also a swamp land. The various birds basically nomadic, enhances the beauty of the nature. The various fauna which can be seen includes geese, pelicans, ducks and the flamingos. You can click amazing photographs and enjoy the serene nature.

These were the Top places for spending your weekend near Ahmedabad. Hope you like that! Don’t forget to share it with your friends if you like it.

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