Exploring the many attractions of Mysore and visiting the magnificent Mysore Palace

Mysore is not just a historic city but it is also a clean and picturesque place which offers a number of attractions for tourists. Visitors come here in large numbers from all over the world. Read on to know about the popular places of Mysore and where to stay.

Mysore is one of the cleanest places of India and it is a thoroughly beautiful place for a holiday trip. It is also a historic city that has seen the transitions of time over centuries. The city of Mysore is known for its grand palaces, scenic gardens, culturally rich festivities, and extraordinary architecture that can be found all along the city.

How to reach Mysore – Bangalore airport is the nearest to Mysore, about 170 km. Mysore has its own railway station connecting to Bangalore and other major places. Buses also run from Bangalore to Mysore at regular intervals.

Where to stay in Mysore – From five star hotels to economy stays, Mysore hotels provide all range of accommodations. Country Inn and Radisson Blu have their luxury hotels in Mysore. Besides, there are several guesthouses and 3-star Mysore hotels as well.

Places to visit in Mysore:

Mysore Palace – An extraordinary sight is something that everyone wishes to explore during a holiday trip and Mysore Palace would provide you with exactly that. It is one of the largest palaces in India and it stands as an epitome of architectural expertise and finesse with its magnificent stature. It was rebuilt in 1912 as the former palace which was made out of wood was destroyed by fire. Check out the magnificence of this palace during evening time when 1 lakh light bulbs flash and illumine this building into a spectacular sight.

Chamundi Hills – This hill is famous for the Chamundeshwari temple that is situated over the top. The temple dates back to the 11th century. The statue of the deity was carved out of a single rock in 1659. The temple can be reached only after climbing around 1,000 steps.

Brindavan Gardens – Right below the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam, Brindavan Garden is a 150 acres botanical park and it is considered as one of the best in the country. It is a popular site of tourist attraction and sports a nice musical fountain.

Karanji Lake – This is the biggest lake in entire Karnataka. It is just adjacent to the Mysore Zoo. You can spot more than 90 species of migratory birds at Karanji Lake. Do not forget to take along your camera for some nice pictures to capture.

Mysore Zoo – Sprawling across 250 acres, Mysore Zoo provides an exploration into a large number of wildlife species. This zoo has animals from all around the world which is quite unique in India. This is a must visit place.

Shivanasamudra Falls – This a spectacular waterfalls situated about 80km from Mysore. You can imagine how magnificent the sight of the waterfalls here must be as Shivanasamudra Falls lists in top 100 waterfalls of the world. Asia’s first hydroelectric power station is also situated here.

There are plenty of attractions in Mysore that you can explore. For longer vacation, you can check-in into one of the budget hotels in Mysore, such as Chitravana Resorts, Hotel Abhishek and Akasa Manasa.

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