Female Friendly: How To Conquer Goa As A Lone Bird

If you see the travel trends, the idea of solo travelling is quickly picking up. It’s exciting and fills you with mixed feelings of both getting marooned and discovering a new place. Recently, you might have seen several women travelers going out of the line and exploring untouched territories, all alone. If you talk about India, there are several places which are quite friendly for solo travelers. Goa is one of those places which has attracted solo women travelers since a long time.

The idea of travelling alone is quite inspiring. It allows you to come out of your comforts and embrace the world as it is, thus giving a whole new perspective to what different cultures and people are all about. Though it comes along with certain fears, however, the feeling of exploring a destination on your own is itself enormous. When you think of solo travelling in India, Goa tops the list. Particularly for women travelers, Goa can be an experience worth cherishing.

Goa is an international tourist spot and sees a large footfall. Each year millions of people flock this beach state in search of sun, fresh breeze, peace and new cultural experience. Hotels in Goa are considered quite safe, especially for solo female travelers and you can find lots of them according to your budget demands. Women travelers can find hostels, ashrams, bed and breakfasts and homestays as per their needs.

As a solo tourist, you can enjoy some of Goa’s most amazing offerings, like its sun kissed beaches, exciting restaurants and shacks, peppy music, energetic carnivals and moonlit breezy nights. If you plan to visit the uncharted corners of the beach state, rent a scooter or a bike, which makes it convenient to carry some light luggage. With a right blend of Anglo-Indian, Portuguese and Konkani, Goa’s culture is welcoming and offers a lot of things to explore. Women can choose the attire of their choice as people are acclimatized to see tourists wearing different apparels.

Apart from Konkani, English is one of the most common language spoken all over the place. However, it is advised to carry a tourist guide book to avoid confusion. The state is filled with friendly locals, however, it is advised not to interact with shady strangers. Carrying too much cash is also not advisable and it’s best to use plastic money. If you get chance, take help of local travel authorities to look for other solo travelers and take excerpts from them. You can also surf through travel blogs and attend a friendly travel meet to know the natural surroundings and get first-hand experience. It’s good to pack light and keep the right utilities like a sun-screen, hat, sleeping bed, sun glasses etc.

Goa can be easily accessed from different parts of the country. If you’re taking the railway, Vasco Da Gama Railway station sees trains coming from major cities. Dabolim International Airport connects Goa to important destination all across the globe. Some of the major air carriers frequenting Goa are Jet Airways, Indigo, Air India and Go Air. Goa can also be reached via road; you can touch the highways from Mumbai and Pune.

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