Five Natural Sites to see in the UAE


The UAE is home to some of the biggest man-made structures, including the tallest building in the world – the BurjKhalifa – and luxurious hotels in Dubai. But apart from its impressive and innovative skyscrapers, the UAE has a number of natural sites travellers should see while visiting the country for their yearly vacation too. In this article we are going to explore five of these natural beauties:

Explore the Desert

Hugging the coastline outside of the UAE’s cities lies kilometres of beautifully empty desert just waiting to be seen and explored. Planning a trip to the desert is common among both tourists and locals alike, as it not only offers visitors peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but beautiful views, hiking options, camel treks and much more. To experience the desert in the dark, Bedouin-styled dinners are a popular way to see the true beauty of the vast and empty desert at night, all while sitting under a starry sky.

The Majestic Hajar Mountains

The majestic Hajar Mountains cut through the UAE’s desert landscape and are home to some of the most breath-taking natural scenery you will see while on holiday in the UAE. There are a number of twisting and winding roads that connect the region’s small villages together, making it ideal for travellers who want to go on a road trip with their friends or family. If you would prefer to go on a hike, the Hajar Mountains are the perfect paradise for walkers, hikers and climbers alike, as there are a number of valleys – known as ‘wadis’ – to explore.

The Views from Jebel Hafeet

Another opportunity for those travellers looking for a day on the road, Jebel Hafeet is a popular daytrip that can be taken from many of the hotels in Dubaias well as the surrounding regions. With 360 degree panoramic views once you reach the top, you will be floored by the country’s natural beauty as you will be able to see across the area’s far-reaching desert. This would be the perfect moment to whip out your camera and take a few photographs to show your friends and family back home.

Take a Trip Across Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek snakes its way through the city, and although the views are man-made, the creek is a natural beauty you won’t want to miss out on experiencing. By taking a Dhow ride – a traditional Arabic Boat – you will be able to witness Dubai and all of its gorgeous views from a completely different perspective. With sunset being the most popular time of day to take the boat ride, all of the high-rise buildings fade out as the stars shine bright in the dark, vast sky.

Be a Beach Bum

Again, although it is surrounded by man-made skyscrapers, the UAE has some of the most beautiful and spotless beaches in the world. Many of the hotels and beach resorts have their own private stretches of beach that guests can use to catch a nice tan while listening to the waves lap up against the shore, and there are many day trips available – including sailing – where you have the opportunity to take to the water and go scuba diving or snorkelling, enabling you to see the natural beauty the UAE has to offer below the water’s surface.
Sometimes we forget about the natural beauty the world has to offer us, as we get so caught up in the popular attractions that draw tourists to cities. Take some time away from the UAE’s big cities, and explore one or two of the natural beauties the country has to offer instead. You won’t regret it!

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