7 Ways To Save Money on Flight Tickets

Flight Tickets

While air-travel used to be seen as an elite way of travelling, today the masses or the ever-expanding middle class is actually the biggest contributor to air-traffic. Low-frill or no-frill carriers have changed the way people perceive air travel. So, I planned to write and share about Money Saving Tips on flight Ticket Booking. This is also perhaps the reason that airlines have found ways to include hidden costs and aggressively push seasonal pricing to maximize their profits. Now as a price and value sensitive customer, there is absolutely no shame in finding economical ways of air-travel.

Top 7 Money Saving Tips on Flight Ticket Booking

Following Money Saving Tips can therefore, help you in saving money on flight tickets.

1. Research on Travel and Airline sites
Travel sites are an excellent medium to check the air fares across various airlines for a range of dates. If you are flexible with time of travel and dates of travel, booking tickets after comparing all travel options on travel sites can save you a lot of money. However, at times, travel sites do not list the complete range of prices and flight options offered by a particular airline. Therefore, it is better to screen the airline from travel site and then go to the airline’s website to see more options and make actual bookings.

2. Book Tickets mid-week
Most airlines reduce their prices mid-week between Wednesday and Thursday to boost the sales slump and fill their seats. Therefore, if you are planning a trip well in advance then book your tickets mid-week to save most.

3. Try to Travel on Saturdays and Tuesdays
It may mean some wasted holidays but flight tickets are cheapest on these days because people want to make most of their weekends and rejoin work on Monday itself.

4. Book Tickets mid-day
Again the usual travel site traffic is highest in the evening hours when people are free enough to book tickets. Therefore, airlines increase their fares mostly after 7:00 PM. The best time is to book air tickets during the afternoon slump when airlines tend to reduce fares to attract customers.

5. Manage your Luggage
Although most airlines provide the facility of 15 kg free luggage per economy class ticket, they are also most aggressive in charging extra luggage cost if you are even 500 gm above the prescribed limit. Therefore, ensuring that your carry-on handbag and to-be-checked-in luggage should be weighed in advance can help you save a lot on unwanted luggage charges.

6. Beware of hidden costs
Airline service providers charge additional taxes and value added service charges or insurance charges or the base fare as a default setting at the time of checkout. You should make sure that unwanted optional charges must be ticked off at the time of payment.

7. Download Apps and use coupons to avail discounts
Many credit card and debit cards offer cash-back promotions on air-ticket booking. Similarly, many travel sites offer discounts if their Mobile App is used to make reservations. As a savvy traveler, using all these promotional options can save you a lot of money and make you a money-wise traveler.

These all Money Saving Tips may help you to save a bit amount while travelling threw plane. we have collected points of Money Saving Tips for online Air Ticket or Flight Ticket Booking. Share your views in Comment for above mentioned Money Saving Tips for Flight Ticket Booking.

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