Monsoon, A Fun Time To Visit Mumbai

Monsoon in Mumbai is interesting. It brings a freshness to the entire city and makes it wonderful. If you ignore a few of the problems caused by rain, which are common in all major Indian cities, monsoon in Mumbai is worth experiencing. Plus, there are some beautiful destinations around the city that are best when explored in monsoon season. [Also Read: List of Places To Visit In Mumbai]

In India you will basically experience three major seasons, viz. summer, monsoon, and winter. While there are the other seasons as well, but since the time duration for which these seasons last is very small, thus, if you consider the entire year factor, the other seasons seem to be almost non-existent. Having said that, monsoon is an ideal season to pack your backpacks, put on the travelling shoes, and get going to different destinations in the country, as they are best when explored in monsoon. Mumbai, a coastal city and largely recognized as the powerhouse of commerce in India and the home to Bollywood, gets soaked in the rain when the monsoon hits it (ideally in the second week of June). A superlatively fresh aura fills the entire city, providing a certain relief from the heat and humidity that are caused by the preceding summer in the city. [Also Read: Best Monsoon Destinations in India]

There is a distinctive charm of monsoons here, as the kids play football while the adults love to get drenched in the rain, particularly in the areas like Marine Drive and Juhu Beach. The city looks more beautiful, and what could be the best way to relish the rain other than relishing it under an unpretentious roof of a roadside stall while you enjoy the sumptuous street food.

Tips While Traveling On A Train In Mumbai

If you are planning to visit the city in monsoon, there are certain things to be careful about. Water clogging and traffic caused by it, is generally the scene in the roads. It is advisable to stay in your hotel room and wait for the rain to stop. While you are waiting in one of the hotels in Mumbai, instead of getting bored an interesting thing that you can do is get into the veranda and watch the rain cleanse the entire environment as you sip hot tea. If there is no veranda, you could always sit next to the window and enjoy the rain. Besides, if you are with someone, particularly friends, you could play some interesting games. However, nothing beats talking and sharing your experiences with your travel companion.

Things To See While Exploring Maharashtra

There are also some wonderful destinations that are located just a few hours drive away, where the monsoon is a blessing. Take the opportunity to sneak into Bhandardara, a place full of natural splendor and providing a refreshing break from the hullabaloo of large cities. It is just about 185 k.m. from the city and connected by excellent road. Taxis and buses are easily available, however, if you cannot wait, it is advisable that you catch a train. What you will find in Bhandardara is nature in abundance. The place is still very much unpolluted with all its natural wealth being preserved. It is very scenic, tranquil, and provides one with the best of Maharashtrian hospitality. While you are here do not miss to visit the Mount Kalsubai, which is the highest peak in the state.

There are several other such amazing places to see around Mumbai. Visit them during monsoon and you will probably have a wonderful vacation.

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