6 Best Places for Paragliding in India

Paragliding India

Paragliding has come as a most wanted adventure sport in the recent past. It’s great fun to fly above the mountains and valleys like a free bird. below is a list of 6 best places for paragliding in Inda.

Kunjapuri, Uttrakhand
Kunjapuri near Rishikesh is famous as the Paragliding Capital of Uttrakhand. The picturesque location offers an appealing view of the Himalayas and India’s greatest destinations to experience paragliding. It not only offers the mesmerizing colors at the sunrise and the sunset, but you can also have a view of the peaks of Swarga Rohini, Chaukhamba, Gangotri and Banderpunch while paragliding. The climate and environment of Uttrakhand are conducive for paragliding and the people who organize the activity charge a reasonable rate for this experience from the clients.

Nandi Hills, Bangalore
Not in Bangalore City, but 60 kilometers far from Bangalore is Nandi Hills which is a tourist spot in Bangalore. Nandi Hills is in that Chikballapur district of Bangalore. Nandi hills is 4581ft above sea level and have an excellent landscape and canopy favorable for a weekend getaway as well as for paragliding. Professional paragliders and Paragliding trainers based out of Karnataka prefer Nandi Hills for Paragliding because it has the perfect landscape for paragliding.

Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh
Bir Billing is located in Himachal Pradesh; this paragliding site is perfect for a visit during March until early June. It is so much into paragliding that it is known for hosting the first ever world cup for paragliding. Himachal is known as “The home for paragliding in India”.This is the most favorable place for paragliding in whole India and you can come over with any hairstyle and any costume you want. Even with those hairstyles for plus size women and those apparels for plus sizes. There are more than 10 Paragliding spots which this hilly state offers. Other places famous for paragliding in Himachal are Devidhar, Parvati Valley, Rohtang, and Bakhli. Bir Billing is famous for its astounding spiritual and eco-tourism spots. When you are done with paragliding, you can adore the scenic view of this aesthetically appealing village.

Kamshet, Maharashtra
Kamshet has located 45 km from Pune and 20 km from Lonavala. For those looking for paragliding in Pune and Mumbai, Kamshet is a paraglider’s paradise. You can have bird’s eye view of box-shaped houses in the villages of Kamshet. The experience that the paragliding in this place provides is going to be there in your mind until eternity. This place is one of the best paragliding spots in Maharashtra. The season for paragliding starts from October. You can have a trek around the place after being done with the paragliding.

Indrunag, Dharamshala
Indrunag is another paragliding spot in Himachal State. It has emerged as a wonderful destination to enjoy the amazing thrill of paragliding. Flying atop exotic, snow-clad peaks of Dhauladhar, getting a birds-eye view of the fertile greenery, taking in cool and fresh air of the hill town is a euphoric. Located just 5 kilometers ahead of the main Dharamshala market, the spot where launching is done is a small plateau which is 2,000 feet above sea level. The flight is short but offers a bird’s eye view of the beautiful town of Dharamshala. The experience which this place provides is unmatched.

Pawana, Maharashtra
Located in Maharashtra, this is one of the few paragliding spots in western India. The paragliding provides bird’s eye view of the breathtakingly beautiful Pavana Lake, age-old forts, and many more interesting places. With huge Pavana lake underneath, it becomes one of the beatific experience while gliding over the pristine lake. Moreover, you can also learn the advance gliding skills since many of the experienced paragliders frequent this location.

You can take a stroll around the aesthetically appealing lake after being done with the paragliding. Have a great time exploring the beautiful places for paragliding in India.

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