Splash Water Park Delhi, The Ideal Getaway from the Blazing Sun

Splash Water Park Delhi

What is your plan for the upcoming weekend to beat the heat? If you are in Delhi, you might be yearning for a break to some hill resort nearby. But, what if you could chill out in the vicinity of Delhi itself, have the same amount of fun, and frolic in water? Wouldn’t it be great? Sure, it would! Then this weekend, call out your friends and make arrangements to visit Splash Water Park.

Located in Alipur, Delhi, the water amusement park is one of the most sought-after places for families and youngsters alike. The city of Delhi becomes very hot in the summer months, and it might leave the citizens rushing off to Shimla, Dehradun or Manali. But there are people who cannot move out of the city for a long time. For them, this Splash Water Park is the best place in hand.

What all can you expect at Splash Water Park?

Splash is like an oasis with plenty of foliage and eye-catchy backdrop to make the citizens of Delhi feel comforted even when the sun is shining brightly. The park has world-class water rides, and offers packages for school students and corporations and along with that room packages too. Added to these regular features, the park also offers other entertainment programs to ensure that you have a splendid and memorable time with your family and friends.

Super-fun Rides

Water rides that are very safe, well maintained and most importantly, very hygienic are on offer to the people who visit the park. The Buddha waterfall is one of the most sought after rides for the youngsters. Families love to have a splash at the multilane slide or the Hara Kari slide. Teens love jumping around and letting their worries of the world vanish with the wave pool time. The rides are cleaned and made sure that they are safe quite periodically.

School packages

The package for the water rides plus the amusement park entry and the lunch boxes are very much liked by the institutions around Delhi. School kids have a great time and they shall be very safe in the campus of the water park.

Room packages

If you are planning to stay back and spend a night in the water park itself, then you shall be able to book one of the deluxe rooms. These rooms can be availed by couples, and families of varying sizes. The welcome drink, dinner and breakfast offered would be quite sumptuous and would surely make you wish to go back once again.

More on the enjoyment at Splash:

Splash Water Park is one of the best maintained water-theme parks in Delhi. The theme park is adorned with lush manicured gardens, lively fountains and attractive rides that would guarantee to bring out the child in you. Added to that, the conference rooms, the spotless changing rooms and restrooms, and of course, entertainment programs like the rain dance parties and music in the air will definitely make sure that your weekend is indeed well-spent!

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