Top 5 Superheroes Based Theme Park Rides For Kids

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The love of superheroes will never fade, no matter how old you are. As they appeal to everyone and have a way of finding a special place in our hearts as they fight off the dark and nasty criminals that plague the worlds we do not live in. But indulging in our favorite superhero does not have to stop at watching the Superman movie for the tenth time in one week, as there are so many new ways you can experience and get closer to your favorite hero. One being making a visit to your local theme park and hopping on one of the many superhero-inspired rides.

Merlin’s Challenge – LEGOLAND® DUBAI, UAE

Although not a super hero, but a wizard, Merlin can be classed as a superhero for the smaller members of the family. Jump on Merlin’s Challenge at LEGOLAND® DUBAI – a theme park for children – and enjoy a high speed carousel that is powered only by Merlin’s wondrous magic.

Merlin himself is posed in the middle of this whirling, twirling ride and is made out of LEGO® from his head to his toes. Once the ride starts, you will take a spinning journey around the powerful wizard before coming to a grinding halt that will enable you to catch your breath.

The Hulk – Universal Orlando, USA
This rollercoaster is just a big and just as green as The Hulk himself, and offers riders the chance to feel the rush of becoming their very own gamma-charged Hulk. Reaching up to 67-miles per hour, the ride includes a number of twists and turns that will turn your world upside down and will make you feel as if you have gained the extraordinary strength of the superhero himself.

BATMAN™: The Ride- Six Flags Fiesta, Texas, USA
Who doesn’t love BATMAN™? This world-class 4D free fly coaster takes you on a Gotham City adventure you will never forget. A high-speed and immersive coaster that will blow your hair back and take your breath away, BATMAN™: The Ride includes a number of special effects and innovative construction that makes it the only one of its kind in the world.

Expect to fly over a 12-storey high hill and try not to scream as you encounter two beyond vertical drops. Are you as brave as BATMAN™?

Green Lantern: First Flight – Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, USA
A one-of-a-kind riding experience, Green Lantern: First Flight is a spin coaster that shows off the skills on one of the stars of the DC Universe.

The only ride of its kind in North America, prepare to encounter an all-vertical (meaning the whole track is turned on its side) track that has numerous zig-zags and reaches up to 107 feet!

What’s more, riders are strapped to free-spinning seats that will have you spinning head-over-heels while conquering all of the steep climbs and drops that lay ahead of you on the 828-feet of track.

Superman: Escape – Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman! Then man of steel has made his way to Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia in a form of an unprecedented roller coaster ride that speeds its way up to 100-kilometres in only 2 seconds.

This superhero comes to the rescue as riders encounter an unexpected earthquake and need saving, although you will have to make your way through 760-metres of vertical climbs, numerous weightless drops, lots and lots of head spinning twists and, of course, some G-force turns. Try to keep your eyes open!


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