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The Best Rooftop Restaurants In Bangalore Changing The Customary Scenario Of Dining In The City

While you are in Bangalore do not miss the opportunity to visit the popular rooftop restaurants and gusto the sumptuous gourmet cuisines along with relishing the pleasant weather. The city is full of several good rooftop restaurants and bars, including those that are situated on the roof of the luxury hotels in Bangalore.

Bangalore, distinctively noted for its popular bar culture, is indeed a place that you would love to visit if you love clubbing, premium alcohol, and exquisite dining. Home to the largest number of pubs and bars in the country, there are many a times when the city is identified as the bar capital of India. It is an aspect that you should not miss to explore and relish while you are on a tour of the city.

In almost every corner, it is likely that you will spot a bar, nightclub, or a restaurant, where you can spend luxury filled hours relishing the best of the liberal and modern facet of the city. Once upon a place, Salt Mango Tree, Tim Tai, The White Room – Coffee & Kitchen, etc. are to name some the most popular and best-rated restaurants in the city. Zest the best-tasting Indian as well as international cuisines in one of the aforementioned restaurants while you enjoy the happy vibe that resides in the lavish restaurants.

However, introducing a change in the old routine of dinning, today the trend of rooftop restaurants and bars is on a rise. The city is rapidly getting filled with different lounges and bars that are set on the rooftop; especially the trend is quite popular amongst the hotels in Bangalore.

You may not notice it, but the environment is a significant factor that affects the experience of dining as a whole. The right ambiance can effectively make you sufficiently hungry, plus, it also makes dining a wholesome experience. Although, you always have the option to dine within the walls of a posh restaurant, but if you don’t like being cooped up inside and do not want the pleasant weather to just go to waste, the rooftop restaurants are just the ideal places to dine. Following are some of the popular rooftop restaurants in the city that you might like to visit.

Bierre Republic – Situated in the Church Street, it is one of the best rooftop breweries plus rooftop restaurants in the city. The playful and lively ambiance here is something to look forward to. It has a small brewery where fresh beer is prepared and served. In food, you will find a great variety, and they are indeed flavorsome. The pirate theme of the restaurant is one of the major allures. Plus, the settings and design of the restaurant are the allures that simply bewitch.

The Tao Terraces – For those who love Oriental cuisine, The Tao Terraces is a must visit. Situated on the M.G. Road, this plush rooftop restaurant offers a decent palette of sumptuous Thai, Chinese, Japanese, etc. cuisines. The fittingly grandiose decor complemented by dim lighting makes it perfect or a romantic dinner. A main allure of the place is the flowing water that goes with the concept of water being the carrier of positivity, as per Feng Shui. The must-have include: Green Thai Curry and Prawn Siu Mai.

There are several other fantastic rooftop restaurants in the city and you have to be here in order to relish the appetizing food that they serve. Frequent flights of air carriers like IndiGo, Go Air airlines, Spicejet, etc. from different parts of India to Bangalore, makes it easy to access the city.

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